Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Yale Club

September has been a month full of floral arranging for me. Last weekend we had the Mustard Seed event and last night we had a gala at the Yale club. My job was to create 30 center pieces that were elegant and all within a $500 budget. 500 dollars may seem like a lot of dough, but when your covering 30 arrangements along with vases, this can be a bit of a challenge. 

Now, I know when you think of flowers, mathematics does not immediately come to mind, but when your arranging for any event you want to be cost effective. So, math is essential. If you have an event coming up here is EXACTLY what you need. 

250 stems of roses (I selected Madelines, since they smell sooooo good)
60 stems of hydrangeas (whichever variety you prefer)
3 bunches of small leaf ivy
5 bunches of white berries. 

My first step is always to organize my work area. I clean all my vases, then I clean all my flowers and organize them into groups. Then I divide the flowers evenly, for instances, 2 stems of hydrangeas, 8 stems of roses, a few stems of ivy, and a few stems of the berries per arrangement. I then create a symmetrical shape, clip them down, and wrap the flowers in floral tape. For this arrangement I also added ivy to the bottom of the vase. 

Each arrangement had its own personal look, very fall chic. So, if you have a gala or just a personal party your arranging for, remember symmetry is key and also ordering the right amount of flowers. 

Happy Arranging!!!



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