Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Men

Hi All, last week a friend asked us to post on men's fashion. I thought back and realized we have not posted on this subject, which is funny because this is a daily subject in our house. Jake often wears a clergyman's collar, so when it comes to street clothes, he often asks for my opinion.

Let me just say I LOVE layering, tailoring, and mixing up color schemes. Now, Jake would say the key to any man's closet begins with his shoes. Lucky for J he has had a few hookups from friends in men's fashion, and I know that he is secretly saving up to buy a pair of Alden's. These are FOREVER kind of shoes; you literally change the soles and these are shoes you can pass down for generations. 

Like I said, I LOVE layering. So, it may seem a little old fashion, but i love a man in a sweater vest. What is NOT to love?!

A sweater vest in combination with a textured tie is a favorite of mine. I also say MIX patterns with different sizes and shapes-- it works and is soooo good looking!


Now, some may say this look seems pricey. Let me tell you if you shop at Joe Fresh you can find sweater vests, light weight sweaters, and a variety of oxford shirts for as little at $19.00. The vest Jake is wearing in the photo above was $15.00, and the red J Crew shirt was $10.00 on clearance. Also if you are looking for a variety in ties and are just beginning to buy ties, go to H & M, where you can find great looks with prices starting at $12.00. You can't beat that!!

So, if you are looking for great fashion for men on a budget, check out Joe Fresh, H &M, and J Crew's sale racks. You are bound to find a great look within any budget.



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  1. Fun post on great men's fashions! I totally agree about men in sweater vests, too!! Jady loves them:)


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