Friday, November 9, 2012

Library Inspiration

Since finishing our latest big project of installing built ins, we have been enjoying the new storage space and look the shelves have given us.  I *thought* we were finished... that is until I ran across this month's issue of House Beautiful with its photos of Alex Hitz's gorgeous home library, which has given me another idea...

Our bookshelves:

I love, love, love how the inside of the shelves is painted turquoise!  But I'm honestly not interested in trying that project at the moment, with all of the painting I still have to go.  Besides, IKEA wood is notoriously difficult to cover, so it would take so many coats to achieve this look.  What really caught my eye was the library lights hanging down over each column of books.  Wouldn't they provide lovely extra lighting at night, too?  

These photos reminded me of another of my favorite library photos (anyone know where it's from? I can't remember!).  Check out the lights!

This spotlight from IKEA is about the cheapest option I can find.  It's not my favorite, but its $10 price tag could very well make me forget my reservations.

This four inch wide picture lamp from Bellacor could work as library lighting, and I love that you can choose from lots of different finishes.

This chrome library lamp is gorgeous, too, although I am leaning toward brass...  What do you think?

I love the look of this string of lamps, custom created by Light Restoration for a private library in Maryland.  Because the wall of books turns a corner, the brass plated steel fixture had to be created from scratch, and the result is gorgeous!

Happy reading!



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