Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Painting Front Doors

I have been dreaming of painting my white front door for sometime, but have not had the courage to make a choice. Then last month while I was visiting Liza, I was so inspired by her bold red door, which looks fantastic. Since then I have been thinking more and more about which color to choose. Then a friend mentioned mid-night blue and thought this would be the perfect color for my blah door, which by the way is so difficult to clean. So, I finally built the courage to paint the front door this weekend. I ended up with Benjamin Moore's Charcoal Blue.  I am pleased to say I am more then happy with my choice. WHat do you think??


Via House Beautiful & Nest Egg

So, I have been on the hunt for the perfect black/blue shade & I think I found it!
Benjamin Moore's Charcoal Blue

I love the finished look. What a good looking door and I had no idea the color would make the entrance feel more finished. I just takes a little detailing. 




  1. How's the black door working for you? Even a simple change of color can do wonders! I'm glad that you're satisfied with your new door. Indeed, it does look awesome! :)

  2. hello again...

  3. What was holding you back before in giving your door a new color? Are you having a hard time picking the right color? You can always search for door inspirations, or ask a professional for better choices and ideas. Anyway, that Charcoal Blue looks good, so good job, Mel!


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