Monday, March 25, 2013

Birthday Partying it Up

We have had the best time having my sister in law, Lindsay, live with us since she moved to Louisville from NYC last month.  I keep saying it, but it's so true, that with her here every night is a party at our house!:)  Moving is always so overwhelming, especially to a new town with a new job, and I have been so impressed with how she's jumped right into her new life.  This weekend we celebrated her birthday with an official party and a house full of friends.

Our party consisted of a group of 10 ladies, plus Jady (who loved every minute of it!), so I went with white and pink for the decorations.  Thanks to LGN for the balloon inspiration (I just straight up stole that one!) -- I love the clusters of gradually intensifying pinks, which I tied together and to the railing with raffia.

Lindsay wanted an elegant feel for the party but not too formal, so I set the table for a special occasion but added more casual elements like decorating with raffia and passing the main course family style.   Also, everyone hung out in the kitchen before dinner and kept me company while I cooked, helping to make the whole event fun and relaxed. 

The flowers we picked up while grocery shopping at Costco and Kroger-- pink lilies and white hydrangeas-- plus some sprigs of dried eucalyptus branches I had left over from Trader Joe's a few weeks before.  I love the feminine, springy effect, and all for much less than a pre-arranged bouquet at a florist.

Celebrations for loved ones are the best!  




  1. It was FABULOUS and I felt very loved and celebrated! Thanks Jady and Liza!!! I may bring the party, but yall sure know how to throw one! ;)
    Love yall! :


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