Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dresser Up

The dresser that we have in the moment in the newly spruced up extra bedroom was a surprise bonus left to us in the garage when we bought the house.  Although its clunky homeliness means it's not much to look at right now, I really don't need to be spending extra cash looking for another chest of drawers when we have a perfectly good one already.  SO, I'm hoping to give this guy a makeover and a few new accessories.

Thankfully the drawers pull out smoothly, and the dovetail construction is solid.  But the fat wooden knobs aren't too pretty, and I'm not loving the scrollwork piece at the bottom. 

I've been looking around the internet for inspiration and think I'm going to go for something in this direction:

I'm definitely going to paint the dresser, either dark gray or black, remove the wooden knobs and replace them with antique brass pulls, something like these that popped up after a quick search on eBay.

Another possibility for lightening up the clunkiness factor is to remove the scrollwork panel at the bottom and add furniture legs in the front.  Home Depot carries a couple of options, I noticed, or I'm sure I could hunt around online some.  Also I love the delicate trim detail on my inspiration dresser, so maybe a little extra wood working on the face of the drawers on ours, too?  

Stay tuned to see what happens:) 




  1. Don't go too crazy, subtle details make for the most rich pieces. It's always the thought process that goes into the furniture that makes it, not necessarily the parts.

    1. Thanks, Brian. I'm going to think over our options for a while before I decide what exactly to do with this dresser. Thanks for the advice!


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