Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lux on a few bucks...

The Rev. and I are going on a little getaway this weekend. We are thrilled, and my father is in town to watch the kiddos-- yeah total vacation. We are going to Sea Island, GA, because Jake is marrying a couple from the church and kindly gave me a flight along. So, I knew I needed to pull together something that felt lux within my budget. What to do? I pulled out my summer clothes from last season to see what I had.

I am a little embarrassed regarding the number of white pants I own, and in so many styles. They are so hard to resist buying at the end of the summer. Last Fall Anthropologie was selling C.H. and A.G. at 25 bucks a pop. Really, who can resist?  

With that in mind I knew I only "needed" a few items to complete my get away outfits. Now, I am a girl on a tight budget, so the first place I hit up was Joe Fresh.  They have such fun pieces right now, especially in time for warmer weather. I found a bathing suit at 29.00, and a few covers ups at 16.00 each.  To complete my look, I needed a magazine tote, because I have much to catch up on-- I have a stack of Vogues and Elle Magazines calling my name. Lucky for me, Gap is having a fantastic sale, and I found the perfect canvas bag with leather edging. I love the look, totally lux at 25.00 each. 

One item I knew would be a bit of a splurge are the sandals I purchased at Madewell.  Each season I wear through any sandal purchase since we walk everywhere in the city, so essentially I must invest in my means of transportation.

Take a look at what I pulled together. I am feeling confident and excited for our weekend getaway. I know you must be thinking I packed for a week, but a girl never knows what she may want to wear on any given day! 

P.S. a girl should go no where without the hair products you usually use!

Mil Besos,


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