Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ballard Designs Outlet: Worth the Trip

Since Mel and her family are moving next week into their new apartment, of course we've been brainstorming and dreaming about all of the fabulous things she'll do with the space.  This apartment is absolutely gorgeous, full of pretty details and decadently spacious; you actually feel like you're in a house in there, not a New York apartment!  

With all of this new space, Mel will need a few more key pieces of furniture (like the couch we've been hunting for), so I've been keeping an eye out for some possible deals for her.  One great option that's available to me is the Ballard Designs outlet store, which sells the same furniture with a slightly reduced selection at their location in Ohio just an hour and a half away from home.  Their prices are usually about half the regular Ballard amount, and often they promote sales on top of that!  

They don't offer a website showing their prices or the inventory (which changes every week), so I called and asked for some info on how much a few of my favorite picks would cost. Here are some of my choices from this week's sale options:

The pretty glass Emmeline 6 Light Chandelier normally runs $699 but is $240 at the outlet this week.

They also had the Emmeline Wall Sconce, normally $250, but at the outlet they're $112 each.

Ballard's Louis XVI chairs sell for anywhere between $329 to $519, depending on what upholstery you choose.  At the outlet they receive and resell any returned upholstered pieces, so you never know what they'll have in stock at any given moment.  Even a bunch of mismatched fabrics would be worth taking home at this price: $164 a pop.

If you could score a pair of these gorgeous Marissa chairs-- in just about any fabric-- you'd be the big winner!  Normally starting at $679 to $994, at the outlet they're going for $407. 

The Louis Upholstered Bed is on special this week at the outlet for $600, a serious reduction from it's lowest catalog price of $1699.  

When I called the outlet store to check on these prices I didn't have the heart to ask the poor saleswoman to check on the thirty things I'd like to have, so I narrowed my requests down to those few above:)  But if I'd had the courage (or insensitivity?) to press on with more, I would have asked about these, too:

I love the Grayson Upholstered Bench, especially in this gorgeous pale acqua!  I might have to call back about this one...

I have a real weakness for Bergere chairs, and these pretty ones are no exception.  Two would be even better ;)

I would love to see the Hollis rug in person, since it seems like the color would be gorgeous.

We bought our Valentino Rug at the outlet store and LOVE it.

These Macau chairs are calling my name!  They would add a crisp, graphic-yet-chinoiserie element to a more traditional dining room, and I love the version with arms as a chic desk chair.

Some of the larger, bulkier items would be a challenge to ship (freight, maybe?), but if Mel decides she wants something I might just have to take a trip to Ohio!  And treat myself with a little take-home, naturally :)



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  1. Girls! I always learn something. Thanks for enlightening me to the fact that I own a Bergere chair. I bought it at a sample sale (it is white as well) and I love it. I kept thinking I would get it recovered but the white has kind of grown on me. Or I'm tired of doing stuff?
    We have it tucked away in the formal living because the toddler is a toddler.


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