Thursday, June 6, 2013

Color Choices

Like I said earlier this week, our plans for our move and repairs to the rectory are already underway.  The painting began yesterday, so we had to choose colors quickly. A dear friend, Ginger, spent the better of three hours with me on Sunday painting color samples on the walls and doors. In the end we sketched out a color plan for each room. I am so grateful that Ginger suggested testing the paints on the walls. Lucky for us too, the sun was up and down during our visit, so we could see the color change throughout the day. When you are able to test your color choices out in a variety of light you can make your best selections. 

When I began this process I went directly to Home Depot and selected a variation of whites, grays, and blacks.  I have to say, there were many various whites I thought I would be satisfied with, but in the end some had too much pink or purple. Without painting in the space, I would have never known. For me, there is nothing more annoying then selecting a color that changes throughout the day. I personally do not like colors with green or purple undertones, just not my cup of tea. 

In the end I choose: Behr's Belgium Cream & Popcorn, Benjamin Moore's Black Ribbon & French Gray, Martha Stewart's Opal & Anvil. What are your favorite paint colors????

In the end I also painted a variety of grays in the entry way so that I would feel committed to our two bold color choices. I can't wait to see how the doors look in Black Ribbon!!



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  1. It's going to look AMAZING!!!! AAAAh I'm so excited to see more on this new space!


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