Thursday, September 12, 2013

First Grade in NYC

What to wear on the first day of school is a BIG question. S and I had so much fun looking at different sites and looks for the first day. I will have to say I am a bit old fashioned when it comes to dressing Sophia. In the beginning of our search, I was disappointed to see so many outfits that are mini-teen looks. No thank you-- S is just 5 and heading into the first grade. So, what to do if your looking for something cute, age appropriate, and fun?! 

Lucky for us Olive Juice exists. We were able to find such cute items; overalls, skirts, blouses, and fun tights. I also took a peek at Janie and Jack and was able to find a few items on sale. They have just the right look we are going for. I bought all the other basic items at Old Navy, which is the best deal in town. Now, when I am approaching back to school shopping, I say less is more. I usually will buy one or two special items then supplement the rest with Old Navy. This way you save and feel like you have found something extra special. 

On the first day of school it is especially important to begin the day with a special breakfast. On the menu for S were silver dollar pancakes and watermelon. 

We all had a great time wishing S a happy first day and together we all walked S to class. 

In the end she had a lovely day and was ready to return to Mrs. Fletcher's class with enthusiasm. 

Clothing Sources

Skirt By: Olive Juice Outlet (19.95)
Blouse By: Olive Juice Outlet (22.00)
Bracelet By: Crew Cuts (S loves native prints)
Suspenders By: Crew Cuts
Hair Bow By: Janie & Jack
Mary Janes By: Nordstroms (39.95)

Mil Besos!!!


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