Monday, November 18, 2013

Some Finishing Touches on the Deck

With all of this exciting work going on in the back yard recently, I knew the time had come to get myself motivated to finish the deck.  The next step toward being 100% done with this monster project is to build and install lattice screens for the base, which will help the whole thing look more polished (and it will hide the mounds of dirt that we never smoothed out underneath). Once all of the beds are cut and the bushes planted, it will be much more challenging to get the lattice panels into position, so this landscaping project was just the thing to get me back to the saw:)

I decided to set my sections of lattice back inside of the support posts so that they would be flush with the outside edges of the deck rather than stick out beyond, which I think would look tacked on.  I first drilled sections of spare lumber-- 2x4s or 2x6s) two inches back from the edge of each post to provide a backing for the panels and something to drill into.

Then I measured each opening carefully, taking into account the fact that the lattice should clear the ground by an inch or two.  Of course each opening was a totally different size (great planning on my part:)), so each panel was measured and created separately.  I created a simple frame out of pressure treated 1x4 boards, connected by galvanized angle brackets for stability.  Once I had double checked that the frame would fit correctly inside the opening, then I cut each section of lattice with a jigsaw and screwed it onto the back of the frame.

The trickiest section was the little angle pieces for under the stairs, but thankfully my angle tool came to the rescue.  Otherwise it would have taken ages to get those angles right!  In one day I managed to finish seven panels... but now I need to motivate for the last few:)  Still, progress is progress, and I'm pleased.

Happy Monday!


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