Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Holiday Survival

Hello Tuesday!! 
The weather is GLORIOUS here in NYC. We are just soaking up every beautiful minute of it. I do appreciate this great weather, and just the right climate can help me get much done on my long to do list. I don't know about you, but the holidays can be overwhelming, so EVERY year I have come up with a few check off items pre-Thanksgiving. 

Uno: Take Christmas photos & order Christmas cards
Dos: Make photo books for the abuelos
Tres: Plan out Christmas decor

So far we are on track. This year was especially important to stay focused because as of today are hosting 5 Christmas parties- YIKES.  I continually tell myself SI SE PUEDE!!! I am sure when this saying was made famous, Christmas parties were not at the core. 

One site I wanted to share with you all today is Prinstagram. I am OBSESSED!!!! I can not wait to receive my packages, I know they will be tough to part with, which is a sure sign of an awesome gift. Just check out their amazing look, and who doesn't love printed photos in our digital age? Last year a friend printed one photo for me and I have it hanging up like a small treasure. Needless to say, get ready for cool pics from the Smiths.

I also am thrilled to share a tutorial in the coming weeks on DIY wreaths and garland. I have been so inspired by Club Monaco's windows and of course Anthropology. I don't know about you, but I have already asked my local Anthro what time they open next Friday!!!!




  1. Mel, these photos are priceless. I just love those two. We miss you something awful!

  2. Sarah, we need a playdate soon!!! Would love to see you guys, any interested in a book party?? We are happy to host!!

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