Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Perfect Gift

A dear friend is having a little girl come this Christmas. What a perfect gift! As our friend anticipates the arrival of her little one, we too are anxiously awaiting alongside her.  In the meanwhile our Sunday School team collected gift money to buy Miss. H a little something.
 Of course, I was happy to do the shopping and hit my favorite stores to find just the perfect treat....

My first stop was to Zara's. They have the cutest European style clothing and at a great price point too. While I was looking around I had shoes in mind, because when you live in New York City, you earn your walking miles. Essentially, it is a MUST to wear stylish yet comfy shoes at all times, as they are our means of travel.

While shopping I found it so difficult to choose a cute outfit. Should I buy a cute dress for church or something more edgy and outside of the box. In the end I found an adorable sweater that states, " Un Love," which is completely appropriate for church while being a bit on the edgy side. 

Since we live in the city and we often have to pack light I decided to add the Mini Fjallraven backpack. Sophia loves the one I bought her for school and truth be told, I use it all the time, too. You can throw the bag in the washer, too, and it holds everything a Mama needs on the run with a babe. 

 Let us not forget to include a little inspiration for the Babe.  We included Sally Lloyd Jones', "Thoughts that Make your Heart Sing." Christian or not, the book is melodic and illustrations are inspiring, I recommend this happy little book to all my friends.

I think we are well on our way to the perfect gift for baby H. 

Mil Besos,


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