Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Blackout: Painting Doors and Windows

Black painted windows and doors aren't exactly a new trend, but they've been on my mind for a while now as something I'd like to try. I love traditional decor, but I also always like to mix in some element of modern, casual, or quirky design to keep things interesting, so I love the idea of the graphic contrast of black paint against white trim.

At the Martha Stewart Omnimedia Center in NYC

House & Home via Bryn Alexandra

Architectural Digest via Cobi Style

The Shade Shop

Stylish Livable Spaces

Jenny from LGN recently painted the insides of her doors black, too, and I was able to steal her color choice and entirely skip that whole anxiety ridden selection process!  The paint she went with is Benjamin Moore's Onyx, and I could tell from the photos that I would love that soft black, too, so I had the paint department at Home Depot mix the BM shade in a Behr paint.


Here's the before photo.  Once I had finished installing the cornice board or valance, I kept feeling like the whole look was just kind of blah-- and the same with the inside of our front door, too.

Before applying the black, I made sure to wipe down the wood to clean off any grease or dust that would prevent the paint from adhering properly.  Also, to give the paint better grip on stained wood like this, I used an oil based Kilz primer, which I had tinted to as dark a gray as they could make it.  That darker layer is SO much easier to cover with the paint than a basic white primer!  




  1. Love the crisp look, I love what a can of paint can do!!

  2. Not just providing an aesthetic look, painting replacement windows and doors can increase their life time. The chemical substances included in paint resists the pests getting inside through which the wood will get protected. studies shows that painted furnishings will stay 70% more longer than a bare furnishing.

  3. Wow! Great decision on painting them black! It's nice to look at your kitchen window, Liza! It was a great contrast against the wall and curtains, which is why there's emphasis to the window panes. Congratulations on your newly painted windows and door. I'm sure you're loving the results, right? :)

    Katie Nicoll @

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