Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Balance Lost

Wasn't January supposed to be a SLOW month? For Liza and me, we have found ourselves busier than we expected. Last weekend Liza's wonderful Rev. was just announced as the incoming Rector of their parish in Louisville (GREAT NEWS!!). My Rev. and I have been busy preparing our all our Spring programs headed our way. It must have been wishful thinking counting on January as a month of solitude and catch-up. This winter has proven to only be more full then we thought. 

Last evening we hosted a work-dinner and a friend asked if I am ever overwhelmed with our ever FULL schedule. I thought to myself, I love our lives. Our door is always open and every dinner party we host is life giving through our company and conversations. Then I woke up this morning looked at our schedules and realized we are very busy people, juggling a church, children, and our very own relationship. 

I have no wisdom here and what I realize is BUSY is the new " I am just fine." Busy is the reality for most of us, right?! All I can say finding moments really listening to one another, in a walk to school, or a conversation over hot chocolate is what keeps us all connected in the midst of our ever busy lives. I don't kid myself thinking our lives will slow down, I just hope to insert a few interruptions each day to connect. 

How do you stay SANE in this ever busy life?



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