Saturday, January 25, 2014

Engagement Party Ideas

The Rev. was away all last week so, I was swamped with pick up and drop offs in 8 degree weather with 6 inches of snow. Yes, you can all feel a little sorry for me!! You can imagine how pleased I was to see him walk through the door last night, oh just an hour before an engagement party. Our neighbors and Director of Operations is getting married, and we happily threw together a party to celebrate the occasion. 

Since the weather was pretty awful last week, I could only muster up enough energy to do one shopping day. I had imagined having a room full of balloons and take aways, but in the end was only able to get to Trader Joe's and Paper Presentation.  I had no choice but to keep the festivities simple, and I am sure the pocket book and the Rev. did not mind. 

Since we are neighbors and our children are very playful with them, I decided to create a greeting sign that felt very childlike, which was a big success. I used Sophia's glittered clothespins and string to pin up their names. I then strung together white paper flowers with a few ribbons hanging in between. I guess you could say I am much more whimsical then formal. 

Lucky for me Trader Joe's is fully stocked in rananculas and hyacinth in all colors. Shocker-- I went for a variety of pinks and whites. I am not sure what the pink, white, blue obsession is, but hey why mess with it. Of course we had a variety of pink and white candles for the table top and this time, I decided not to use linens for the tables. Last week when we had our Taco Night I ironed all the linens. I just could not imagine ironing any more linens for at least a month. 

In the end I think everything turned out to be lovely and the Rev. of course gave such a lovely toast we could not help but feel celebratory. We had a table full of cheeses, olives, and varieties of chocolate, which we have happily been eating this morning. The food was very simple and indulgent.

Pssss….. did I forget to mention the heart sparklers where a hit. After the toasts we lit them and cheered our friends on. They were definitely worth the 6.95--again I love a little whimsy; we were all like giddy little children watching the sparklers go. 

Happy Weekending!!


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