Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Art of Hosting: Part UNO

Today I am planning a dinner party for 8 on Friday. After the month of December, 8 feels so easy, but I know when it comes down to it, 8 takes almost as much prep as 50. We are planning a Taco Party, because who doesn't want to pretend they are on a beach in Mexico in the middle of January? 

When it comes to hosting, I find pleasure in the planning ahead. I love to imagine our table scape and the warmth the company brings with them. We are hosting a dinner for clergy, so I am especially excited to care for all the details, since most of the time they are hosting countless meals.

My first step in any meal prep is to create a menu. On the menu for Friday is the following:


You gotta go big right?!

When I am prep mode that means the grocery shopping is completed the day before along with the flowers, of course. Since we are in the dead of winter and we are pretending we are going to be in Mexico for the evening I want to go with pop in color. I am thinking robust and pink floral arrangements, something that will take us away. 

Remember, always know your limitations and then work around them. I will not be cooking up dessert to save me time and energy. I will also be asking my dear neighbor to make our margaritas because Anne makes them best-- why try and do better when you have a friend who can lead a hand?

Happy Supper!


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