Friday, January 17, 2014

The Art of Hosting: Part DOS

Hello Friday!

I am so pleased to find ourselves at the end of another fabulous week.  How are your New Years resolutions coming along?  I have been so proud of the Rev. He is working hard to keep healthy this year, and we have just had a couple great weeks as a family. You know in life you have phases and weeks, and days in your relationships. Sometimes you hit a great rhythm and I feel like we are in one, which I am enjoying every minute of.

Now for the good stuff. 

You know when I host a party flowers are a MUST, non-negotiable really. So, when I began planning Taco Night I began thinking up some floral ideas that would pop. In the beginning I thought I would create a variety of rose arrangements. However, when I got to the floral market I realized my dreamy roses were out of the price range. Plan B would be to purchase unpredictable winter flowers mixed with a pop in color. I went to 28th Street Florist and I found just what I needed within the budget. Then I stopped off at Trader Joes, you know they sell rananculas this time of year at 5.99 a bunch. You cannot beat that price.  

When I got home I got right to work. We are two days away from the party and this is when I like to set the table. Any prep work I can do a few days ahead I will every time. I think is this the KEY to staying relaxed when your hosting. Remember, a host that cool as a cucumber and having as much fun as the guest has already achieved everything. 

I hope you have some fun plans this Friday and remember: enjoy your peeps!

Mil Besos,


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