Tuesday, February 11, 2014

La Cocina

Hello on this freezing Tuesday morning. 
I don't know where you live, but if you are in New York, you are freezing. I am really OVER the cold weather. I dropped H off to school this morning, mustered up enough energy to buy stamps, then wimped out and took the subway ONE stop (I am a walker, I rarely take the subway) to return home.

Thankfully, I have a fun project up my sleeve and I am dreaming up flooring ideas.  Yesterday I went to Home Depot with our handyman. He broke the news to me the only choices I had involved laminate. Now,  we just ripped out the fake wood laminate, so to think I just had to replace the fake flooring with more fake flooring did not sound appealing. I would rather have dyed concrete poured, which our handyman did not seem to think we could do either. So, I went home and began searching the web for attractive laminate. I sort of gave up and thought I would try again in the morning, but happily the contractor stopped by last night and gave me some fabulous news. Turns out we can lay out ceramic tiling or dyed concrete, YEAH!!!! 
I just about hugged the man. 

Then I shared some of my ideas of what I have been dreaming up.  I could tell right away they did not quite get it. That is alright, because they are sweet and are willing to just go with it. "You mean you want subway tile on the floor with dark grout... are you sure?" A statement like that is a vote a confidence, and probably means I am doing the right thing! 

Here are a few of my inspiration photos

 These tiles are just 2.78!

We are back in business!



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