Thursday, February 13, 2014


A few weeks ago ModCloth asked Liza and me to share some of our favorite items from their fabulous line. L & I jumped at the chance and I have been dreaming up a night out in ModCloth's fabulous Tango Dress. If you are looking for some beautiful pieces to wear for a night out, ModCloth has just the right piece for you. 

If you love shoes as much as Liza and I do, you will find endless choices. It was no easy task choosing ONE pair of shoes along with accessories. What I love most about the accessories that they offer, there are so many modern art-deco designs. Art-Deco jewlery works so well because they are pieces that have a vintage feel, without the sense your too old fashioned. I always want to avoid creating a look that feels more costume and less me. When I approach clothing or accessories I want the pieces that are timeless and unique.

Just when I was about done happily wondering through ModCloth's website, I received an invitation to a black tie event at The Piere, here in NYC. Lucky for me, ModCloth has some beautiful dresses that might just do the trick.......

I am loving all four choice, which would you choose??? Since, I am a shorty, I am leaning toward the short black dresses, but who knows--with the right pair of heals I may go for a gown.

Did you know ModCloth also carries home decor???
I had no idea. Yesterday I received an email from a friend who is decorating her nursery. S sent me some pictures of the nursery bedding and curtains she would like to choose from, which all happen to be from ModCloth. The color palate we are working with is lavender. Here are just a few ideas I came up with, check back in next week to see what we come up with!

Stay Warm & Cozy!


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