Monday, March 17, 2014

A little Monday Inspiration....

Hello Monday! 
Today we find ourselves trying to stay warm and cozy here in NYC. When will the winter end?! I am hoping and looking forward to warmer weather in April and we are also very much looking forward to The Mockingbird Conference, which takes place April 3rd-5th here in New York City.   Nia K and I have been busy bees dreaming up the MBIRD conference within the walls of the very historic St. George's Church.

You may ask yourself what is Mockingbird? In a nutshell a blog that highlights the presence of grace through literature, culture, and the arts, what is not to love. The blog content is smart, funny, and thought provoking. 

If you're like me and have been home bound and reflective this winter season, you may find MBIRD particularly interesting. I love the opening quote for the conference.

“I’m sick of not having the courage to be an absolute nobody.” –Franny Glass in J.D. Salinger’s Franny and Zooey

I know Nia and I found ourselves hooked, inspired, and wanting more. So, when Dave asked us to help plan the conference we said YES (no hesitation), and here is how we have approached MBIRD's event……


Good meals during a conference are essential, a non-negotiable really. So,when it came to food we looked no further then Pixie and Scout.  We love their aesthetic, and food philosophy.  If you love farm to table, then you know your coming to the right place. I have to admit we were sold on their design too, so clean, modern, and fresh. 


Nia has been dedicated to pulling the conference together. Throughout the process Nia and I have LOVED reading the various writings of our speakers, going through BIOs, and doing a little cyber stalking all over brunch in the Gramercy Hotel. I even joined a book club to stay focused on getting through all the content. 

I say whatever type of event  you are hosting, my advice is to  know your audience. When you know who your guests are, you are able to set the kind of scene that engages all senses (in the best possible way), and I say don't forget to throw in a few unexpected details. 

Now that we have booked the most fabulous speakers, and caterer I am fully focused on the aesthetics. I cannot wait to share the after photos. I have enlisted my most creative friends (Ginger, Jackie, & Nia) to assist with the table scape. All I can say is the written word will be the centerpiece along with a few rare breeds of ranunculus to brighten up the space. 

I hope you are inspired wherever you are and if your looking for a little something that will get you going, check out MBIRD.COM.

Mil Besos,


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