Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring Trends: a Trip to Zara

As Melina mentioned, last week was my birthday, and one big way I got to celebrate this year was with a quick trip to New York.  My Mom was planning to travel up there anyway, and we happily were able to combine it with a birthday getaway.  What could possibly be more fun that that?  I always find that there's just nothing like being with your mom, especially when I'm sick or on my birthday.  

We explored a museum to admire the works of an inspiring portrait artist, saw a show, walked for miles and ate (the eating out is always a highlight of any good trip, in my opinion:)).  Of course we stopped by to visit with Mel and check up in person on her party prep for her next amazing child's event.  I can't wait for her post on the elephant themed birthday party!  

Although this wasn't a big shopping trip, I always love to stop into Zara anytime I'm in New York to get to browse their fun clothes in person.  Their clothes always offer ways to explore fresh looks and new trends, but in a way that's wearable and makes sense with the wardrobe you already own, so I love to see what they're putting out there.  Here are a few of my favorite picks:

Can you own too much canary yellow?  That's a question this ladylike collarless coat has me seriously pondering.

One look I saw popping up repeatedly at Zara this time is light and airy tops with a cropped silhouette for spring.  I'm not exactly brave enough to run around with a bare midsection, but thankfully these shorter tops can be paired with a lightweight underlayer and still show off their lines and knobby, interesting textures.

This dress looks great on, and the color is gorgeously vibrant and fun. 

For something different I found this pale green, short waisted, structured top that combines this spring's ubiquitous pastels with a futuristic graphic design.  

This pretty striped poplin organza top follows the light and airy trend-- and in this case that means these panels are almost totally transparent.  Again, I'd personally go for a tank underneath:)

This textured knit top with capped sleeves would pair well with a high waisted pencil skirt, a flowy maxidress, or layered over a silk top with skinny jeans.  

Pleats.  I'm loving that they're everywhere at the moment!


This tortoiseshell clutch is calling my name.  Love it.

But the one thing that I really fell in love with and can't quite get out of my mind is this pair of red sandals.  I don't really *need* them for anything, and ok, maybe they're not the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever had on my feet... but they still rock.

Happy Monday!



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