Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring Cleaning

After hosting 30+ on Sunday for brunch, my apartment was in desperate need of a little refreshing. With the traffic of 25 grownups plus 7 kids, a deep clean was on the top of my to-do list. After the dishes were put away, dead flowers thrown out, and our carpets vacuumed, the house still did not feel fresh. 
What to do??? I turned to my full proof refresh regiment. 

Step Uno: 

If I want the house to smell and feel crisp after cleaning I always use mopping Swifter's to polish the floors. This step always makes for a clean home, and when I am done, I light my favorite clean soy candles to maintain a fresh feel throughout the casa. 

 Step Dos: 

I love to use Meyer's soy candles to bring the perfectly clean scent to my home. I will be honest, we continue to struggle with potty training with our four-year old, so you can believe me, Meyer's candles keeps any restroom smelling fresh.
 For each bathroom we burn the lemon citrus version and in the kitchen we burn the Basil version of Meyers. 

Step Tres: 

For good measure I love to burn my favorite candles (Voluspa) in our entryway and throughout the living room area. When you first walk into a home you see with your eyes and connect with the space if the environment lures you in with a beautiful scent. 

 Step Four:

I always say something green in the home brings a fresh and crisp element to any environment. Since bulbs are in season, I can't resist placing a small arrangement in my entryway, bathrooms, and small side tables throughout the house. Having a burst of color throughout your home will keep your guests wondering how you pull it all together. 

These are just a few tricks up my sleeve. What do you all do at home to keep your casa fresh? 



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