Friday, May 16, 2014

European Adventure

I have missed having steady access to the internet and being able to post on Mel & Liza since we left home!!  A huge thanks to Mel for holding down the fort alone while I’m gone:)


I don’t have much in the way of home renovation projects to offer at the moment, but I’d love to give you all a little update all the same.  These past few weeks being out of town have been a roller coaster of emotions for both of us.  Even leading up to this European adventure I didn’t know how to feel…The oral exams and defense for Jady’s thesis have been looming on the horizon, hanging over him for a long time now, so it felt strange that the time actually arrived for us to return “home” to Berlin.  Two days after we landed, he went back to the theology building at Humboldt University, faced the panel of scary German professors, discussed Greek and German passages and all kinds of theological concepts— and PASSED.  He passed!!  I always felt confident that he would, but it’s easier on my end being a cheerleader than it is being the one who has to do it.  And he did it!!! All of those years of hard work and anxiety were affirmed, and we’ve been relieved, thrilled and so proud ever since:)  

Celebrating at the Hofbräuhaus... with pretzels and beers the size of our heads:)

After the first installment of the PhD trip, we were joined by a group of 20ish members from church for a group tour through Germany and Austria.  How fun is that?  We climbed onto the tour bus every morning to see new sights and cities, baroque palaces, countless churches, and gorgeous countryside, working our way from Berlin down to Vienna— our other European home.  Our final night— last night— was spent joining our new friends and parishioners from KY with our old church friends from Christ Church Anglican in Vienna for a special service and dinner… A joyful, happy time, but a bittersweet one, too, as we said goodbye to some dear friends.  


All in all, we’re so thankful for this crazy trip with all of its fun and beauty and closure.  For now, it’s back to Berlin for the final, absolutely last piece of the PhD puzzle— and then we’re home.



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