Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Taming the Mane & Good Hair

Hello Tuesday! 
We are glad to finally see good weather and it feels like summer is finally on its way. Last week I mentioned I am in full summer prep, and I ordered the family's sandals. This week I wanted to share some summer hair-do tips for those of us who naturally have "big" hair.

 I wish I could find some pics from my childhood to share. When I was growing up the only product I had was Johnson & Johnson, and when it comes to wild hair, they just did not make the mark.
 I say if you have big hair, product choice is essential. 

For years I used flat irons, cheap defrizz products, and curling irons to bring a little calm to my head storm, that is until I stumbled across my go-to products……
A few months ago, I was having breakfast with Liza and a friend. Liza's friend asked how I was able to get my hair to have so much volume. Liza burst out laughing, because she knows I am always trying to keep my wild locks under control. 
Hence you will often see me in the summer with an up-do. Humidity and I are not friends. 

So what to do? 
Step numero UNO: Buy Good Product. 

I just don't think there is anyway around buying quality products if you want healthy and manageable hair. I have found a little product goes a long way, and I have also realized if I buy the cheap stuff I use it more quickly and in the end buying more of it anyway. 

My go-to product is Bumble & Bumble. They are the best when it comes to taming my mane. I use the quench shampoo & conditioning mask (only once a week). then dabble in the defrizz & hairdresser's oil when I am ready to dry my hair. 

 I use a defuser and large round brush to dry my hair and I only blow out my hair twice a week. I learned if I dry my hair more often I end up damaging and drying my hair out. MUI MAL.

I never forget to pack my traveling product as well. Its not a vacation for me, if I am stuck with shampoo from a hotel and a bad hair day. 

Readers do you have a hair regiment you would like to share?  Email L or me-- we would love to hear your beauty secrets. 

Happy Hair Day!


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