Monday, June 23, 2014

All OVER the Place

That's how I feel about what I've been like lately!  While I am still painting and loving my work, these days I am not sure HOW to answer the question, "what do you do?"  Sometimes I paint portraits.  Sometimes I'm a decorator.  Sometimes I do reupholstery work.  And lately I've been working on a new project: planning a wedding.  A dear friend's wonderful daughter is engaged, and they've asked me to help some with the coordination, planning and execution of their big celebration weekend, and we are having the best time already!  Seriously, this mother daughter pair have so much style between them that I'm just along for the ride-- and how fun is that?  

(Here's the latest painting I just finished, by the way.)

In addition to any of the official (i.e. paid) jobs I take on, Mel and I both love to work hard for our churches.  We're both married to clergymen, and that means when we get to share with our minister husbands some of the excitement, planning, burdens and joys of what they do-- which is a perk to this job.  We're a team, and that makes all of it that much more fun.  It also keeps me busy ;-)

This weekend we got to enjoy another of the bonuses of clergy life: going to weddings!  Jady had the privilege of marrying the sweetest young couple from Louisville back in our old college town of Lexington, VA.  We got to celebrate two dear friends and their new lives together and revisit the old spots at W&L where Jady and I first met and dated.  All around a happy, romantic weekend.



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