Monday, July 14, 2014

Traveling con Niños: San Diego

The Rev. and I are on the West Coast for a week or so, taking in the rays and having some family time. When traveling with Ninos, I always prefer to travel JetBlue. The seats, accommodations, and service is just lovely. I don't know about you, but when I am traveling with little ones, the experience can be a bit overwhelming. 

via Life Magazine (Shirley McClain)

My solution to keep the stress level to a minimum is to always pack light, have the Ninos in charge of their own luggage, and have plenty of snacks loaded with protein. The kids are always excited to travel, so at times their energy level can be off the charts, at least for me anyway. 

Be sure to have ear phones that work properly. We have had flights in the past with ear phones that just did not fit properly, and let me tell you, that is stressful!!!

Since we arrived to downtown San Diego, I have been impressed. It is no Manhattan, but a fabulous mini version filled with playgrounds, family friendly tours, and fantastic places to eat. Of course J and I found the first Mexican dive taco stand to hit up for lunch on our first day down town. I give the stand CINCO a thumbs up!

Look at that face, she is loving the weather, playing by the water, and just taking in summer vaca!

Not to mention they have a sweet farmers market on the weekend as well. The Rev. and I hit up the stands while the Ninos relaxed with the abuelos. 

S said she would like to move to San Diego, because of all the cool wild succulents we have seen just growing everywhere. 

To top it off, we woke up to church bells Sunday morning. I am a softy in that arena and couldn't have been happier waking up to the   hymn, "Come Home." 

Mil Besos & Happy Summer Travels


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