Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gearing Up: School & Beyond

Here in the North East we are beginning to prepare for the start of school. I am a little behind since we have been away quite a bit, but I am ready to share my back to school secrets. 

Numero UNO: 
I say buy 1 pair of fantastic shoes. My Ninos have the choice of leather or suede boots. They last throughout the entire school year and look perfectly worn by the end of the school year. 

Via Olive Juice

Numero Dos
I buy two special outfits for the first week, then hit all my favorite sites (Olive Juice, Crew Cuts, Hanna Anderson, Mini Boden, Zara) the second week of September. You will not believe the deals you will get all because you waited until mid-September. 

via enVogue

My Third Rule is to stick with quality when it comes to coats, backpacks, and pieces you need to last. When purchasing items for the Ninos I go more for a long term Euro look. I want to buy sweaters that will last two seasons, or wool coats that will function just as long. We do have plenty of repeat items, but honestly 

I bought Sophia a Fjallraven backpack TWO years ago, and the girl continues to love it. I thought if she loves it, why buy a new one? I know they are a bit pricey, but honestly, she has used the bags for two school years and is headed into the third. I say, they are totally worth it.

Last BUT not least, school supplies. Lucky for us we are one of the schools to begin late in the game so that means great sales from Target are to be found. This season we discovered a great new line at Target, Yoobi.

Not only do they have great design and an amazing price point, BUT they donate school supplies as well. 
It is a total pay it forward which means, total WIN, WIN.

We also discovered a few fun treats from Nate Berkus for Target
I mean I really NEED a golden stapler :) S has the most fabulous wooden pencil box that is loves. Everything NB touches turns to gold.

Lastly, we searched for just the right lunch boxes. This year H went with a fabulous Star Wars lunch box from Target and Sophia went Bento again. The girl loves Japanese food, and I think she secretly hopes each meal will be sushi. 

We went with Bento & Co. They have the cutest sets and even H found a few he loved. Each set is so unique and perfectly organized to serve the right portions for lunch. 

There it is, my Back to School tips!!!



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