Friday, August 1, 2014

Hedge Redo: Thanks a Lot, Polar Vortex

Dwarf Burford Holly hedge... what it's supposed to look like:)

All of those plants we added in our back yard last fall have been enjoying the summer, putting down roots and starting to bloom and put out new growth.  The first year after planting, most plants are still getting their bearings, but the second and third summers are when you can really watch things take off.  Gah! I'm so excited:)

Unfortunately, not *every* plant we put in the ground survived the worst winter we've had in 20 years, and I'm taking the chance to rethink a few of our choices for the second round.  The main section I'd like to replace is this tiny, pitiful, half-dead "hedge" of dwarf Burford Hollly bushes.  Lovely, right?  

The whole point of having a hedge there is to separate the smaller back garden from the main yard, and this little cluster of bushes just wasn't going to be tall enough anytime soon, even if they had lived.  So since we've got to replace most of them anyway, I figured why not check out our other options?  Here are some possible contenders:







It's exciting to think of planting something already large enough to make the back yard look more like it's meant to look!  Feel free to offer suggestions on what hedges you love.



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  1. Love skip laurels. The grow quite a bit over the first and second year and can get huge if you desire. Only requires trimming twice a year and they're evergreens (minus a few leaves dropping in fall). And plus you don't have the spring pollen (like juniper, cedar, etc). Excited to see what you choose!


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