Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Baby Steps…..

Since the start of the summer for us, I have continued to have a bit of vertigo on and off.  In trying to keep my head above water and dropping off the ninos, church life, etc…. I have referred back to my counseling days.  In my former life, BN(before NINOS), I was working as a therapist and primarily worked with clients suffering with anxiety. 
To be honest, I have always been a very chill person and never experienced anxiety in a way that kept me from doing the things I love to do. Since having had a bit of topsy turvy, I am a bit nervious the vertigo will return. 

So, what to do???
 I have found it so helpful to recall upon my old methods for clients also, I thought while L and I are good at sharing party/home tips, my counseling tips maybe helpful too. 
So, if ever anxiety creeps in and stays beyond its' welcome these 3 tips may get you though your episode. 

I remind myself of what is true and create a truth statement. 
Por ejemplo:  "I had a spell of vertigo, with my dizzy pills it goes away, and the world really can not physically flip upside down." You get the drift…..I repeat this statement to myself and remind myself of the worst case scenario. 

Worst case scenario, I feel dizzy. I can just sit down, take my anti-dizzy pills, and get back up when I am ready. And if I feel really bad,  the Rev. will come to my rescue!

When the anxiety comes on stop and breath. I like to take 5 to 10 deep breaths. Taking in the extra oxygen is proven to relax the body. 

I give myself permission to just take one step at a time. I tell myself, your taking one step, two steps, and sometimes counting helps. When the anxiety leaves you, I find myself just walking without a thought. 

Wherever you find yourself in life, know there are little exercises out there that are helpful to get you through the day. 

Happy Days,


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