Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The New Nursery

Remember, this post and this post? I have been working on our new church nursery since the end of July and last week we finally shared our reveal with the congregation. I think they were more then pleased with the results!  

Here is our lovely before pic

First off, I knew we needed to repaint the entire room. The room was painted in a creamy yellow color. I find yellows can make a space feel dirty, even if it is perfectly clean. The room needed a lift and since I wanted to accent with color and we would be keeping our historical hymns in the space, I knew we needed go for a neutral color that would not compete with the space. 
I went for two different whites, 
POLAR WHITE & POPCORN WHITE by BM. I wanted a true white against a white with more blue to it. After the room was completed painted the space immediately felt much cleaner. 

The second piece to the puzzle was flooring. I measured the room and realized the space would present flooring challenges. I went back and forth trying to decided between soft flooring throughout the room or a mixing up the flooring. In the end I selected two rugs from Land of Nod and soft tiles from Target. Both have added the right element to the room.  The babies can roll around on the rug and practice walking on the soft tiles. 

Once the flooring and tiles were selected we could add all the fun details that make the room so special. I must say the ballet bars are my favorite addition to the room.  

More to come…….


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