Tuesday, March 24, 2015


We are pleased to share with you my dear friend Marissa Perry's creative company Dsenyo. This is the type of work we all dream of.  She has created a place for women to be employed, support communities in Africa, and much more…….

If your inspired by DSENYO support them via KICKSTARTER

Style with Purpose: Snare Wire Jewelry

This is my friend's social enterprise that works with fair trade artisans and anti-poaching nonprofits in Zambia, Africa.

Dsenyo is a fair trade and ethical fashion company that is working to launch a new line of Snare Wire Jewelry (http://kck.st/1ACa95R).  It all started when they discovered a group of artisans in Zambia doing something ingenious!  Poaching is at an all time high in Africa, including in the South Luangwa Valley of Zambia where these women live.  Local non-profits are doing some incredible anti-poaching work to help arrest poachers, rehabilitate injured animals and disassemble deadly snare wire traps before animals are caught in them.  When the traps are disassembled, artisans are up-cycling the wire into beautiful, fair trade jewelry.  

Dsenyo has teamed up with these artisans and the anti-poaching nonprofits in Zambia.  They are crowd funding a campaign to launch the new Snare Wire TWIST jewelry collection which will help raise funds for continued anti-poaching efforts and create much needed jobs for women and artisans in the community who hand-craft the jewelry.

Watch the video here: http://kck.st/1ACa95R
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Dsenyo takes their commitment to social impact seriously and conducts a study with their partner artisans ever year.  You can see that their work is really making a lasting difference in the lives of these women and their families.

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What is snare wire?  It's random pieces of wire that is collected and stollen by poachers who turn it into animal traps.  These snare wire traps are indiscriminate so everything from lion, baby elephants, zebra, giraffe and more get caught in them.  On top of the fair trade wages paid to artisans, Dsenyo donates $5 from the sale of each piece of jewelry to non-profits who work to combat the poaching crisis.

Here's an amazing safari experience they are offering as part of the fund-raising efforts 

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  1. I'd love to tweet this out on our account as we're the ones who produced Marissa's video for their Kickstarter campaign but your images are not live :( Care to fix it and ping me once done? Thanks! - jj@845a.com


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