Thursday, January 12, 2012

Liza's Here!!!

Liza has had a fast US tour through the South, but what better way to exit than through New York, even if it is just 24 hours?  We have not seen each other since Spring 2011.  I am so grateful for this bit of time together to encourage each other, brainstorm, and dream up new blog ideas.  

Since we did have a whole 24 hours together, meals were shared! The Kochs are secretly drawn toward me because of my Mexican connection, so I thought what better way to be together then to share my favorite Mexican spot, Casa Mexcal.  

What we ate........

 We indulged in Carnitas, Al Pastor, and red Mole tacos.
They were amazing. I am telling you, if you find yourself in NYC you have got to check this place out. It is fun enough, without making you feel like you're in a scene or too old, and it's just all too tasty. 

They have a variety of drinks-- I love the classic margarita, Jake loves the Mexcal (which is a smokey tequila), and he had us all try a Chulata (bloody Mary mixed with a Mexican beer).  The jury is out on the Chulata.  We love the Margaritas, no questions asked!

They do sell fried grasshoppers, but we did not muster the courage to try them. Next time!!




  1. So. Much. Fun.
    And, knowing how adventurous of an eater you both are, I'm surprised you didn't go for the grasshoppers!
    So glad you guys got time together... it's so important. Can't wait until the Kochs are on this side of the pond permanently :)

    1. Cate! You know us well:) Had I noticed the grasshoppers on the menu, I probably would've gone for it! We can't wait to see you at the Mockingbird conference in April- not too long! xo


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