Thursday, February 16, 2012

Israeli Couscous (and Other Highlights)

One of the fun things about traveling someplace new is getting to sample the local cuisine, and this trip to Israel was no different.  Each day was so unbelievably packed with sightseeing adventures that whenever it was time to eat, we were grateful for the chance to slow down for a moment and enjoy.  Here are a few highlights:

Israel should be called the land of milk and hummus!  It was everywhere, so fresh and delicious, and I must have eaten my weight in it by the time we left.  I was reminded of what a simple, delicious spread it makes for any occasion. 

While we were at the Sea of Galilee we got to order a St. Peter's fish, fresh from the lake and named, of course, after one of Jesus' most famous disciples.  

Fresh lemonade came with our meal this day, complete with sliced lemons and mint leaves brightening the flavors. So easy and delicious. 

We went crazy over the local vendors selling these loaf/bars out of cashews, hazelnuts, almonds, sesame seeds and pistachios.  Just lightly sweetened by the candied binder, it was eating nuts like they were meant to be eaten!  Seriously addictive...

The temperate climate and extensive system of greenhouses in Israel meant that we were spoiled with the most beautiful produce the whole week.  The place seemed to be overflowing with fresh fruit and vegetables, and their displays were just begging to be photographed.  

Passion fruit, sliced open and ready to be eaten with a spoon.

Tea with fresh mint...

Freshly (very!) squeezed pomegranate juice around every corner felt like such an affordable luxury.

Bon Appétit!


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  1. yum! That hummus looks ah-mazing! I'd love to hear about the different toppings you saw on hummus there. I'm working on a hummus recipe for my new book as we speak.


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