Friday, February 17, 2012

Picture Book Friday

Liza and I joke that we love magazines because of the high ratio of pictures to words. I do have to say, I have an attraction to good looking images. I think this must stem from all the wonderful picture books I had as a child.  

Here are my top 5 picture books for Mama and the babes. 

Linda McCartney's, Life in Photography, is engaging, never failing to catch life in its reality.
To know how a man is seen through the eyes of his beloved tells you everything. 
If you loved the Beatles, you will LOVE this!

For those of you with CURIOUS kids, Steven Law's book is for you. 
The book is full of great philosophical questions that are bound to get you and your little ones thinking. 

Every coffee table is in desperate need for this amazing book, Annie Leibovitz At Work. Each page is truly inspiring. She is fearless in the execution of her vision, never ceasing to amaze.
via Barnes and Noble

When living with a four year old, you are asked questions about God, the universe, and sometimes BUBBLE GUM. 
How is that stuff made anyway???
Meghan McCarthy's Invention of Bubble Gum, is perfectly silly and inspiring.  If your children are obsessed with chewing gum like my Sophia, they are sure to love this book. 

Last but not least, I dare not ask the question what life would be without VOGUE. If you love fashion, you will love Vogue's illustrated history. 

I remain steadfast in the promotion of beautiful books!!
Take this weekend and enjoy flipping some pages. 



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