Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Party Like It's 1929

This Friday we will be celebrating the birthday of a good friend, who has planned a blowout party.  The trick is, there will be a 1920s theme, so the question is, what to wear??  I decided to return to the classic The Great Gatsby for some inspiration.   

With The Artist still basking in the glow from its best picture Oscar win and the filming of the remake of The Great Gatsby currently underway, the 1920s seem to be on everyone's minds in the fashion world.  Last fall, dropped waists and breezy fabrics captured the spotlight for the spring and summer runway collections, so get ready for more of these American flapper classics.

The Artist

Australia's Next Top Model captured the 1920s in a 2011 photo shoot.

The runways debuting spring 2012 collections were full of references to the sportiness, drop waists, slim silhouettes and eye catching accessories of the 1920s.  Ralph Lauren combined a romantic palette of pastels and light, flowing chiffons and silks with feather boas and long beads to pay tribute to the roaring decade--but  without letting the collection look like it's made for a period piece.

Spring/Summer 2012

Etro's more graphic and ethnic twists on the low waisted 20s silhouette gives the look a fresh and modern feel.  

Spring/Summer 2012

Marc Jacobs' collection showed a sleek, tougher take on the Gatsby era.
Spring/Summer 2012

I'm inspired, roaring 20s style.


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  1. I love all of these looks and the Great Gatsby!! Share pics of your party!!


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