Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bathroom Faucets

I feel like we are all over the place these days with so many projects going on at once.  It's unbelievably fun and totally overwhelming at the same time!  In order to get the house to a place clean and stable enough for us to move in, we are trying hard to get the messy jobs out of the way first, which includes painting and installing new floors in our bathroom (stay tuned for more details on this fun project later).  We would really like to have the downstairs finished as well as our bedroom and bathroom before we bring in all of our stuff from storage, so we'll actually be able to start putting things away.

With that goal in mind, this week we have been working on the master bathroom, and we are getting close to the end (yay!).  We picked out a toilet from the many choices at Home Depot (did you know you really can get toilets in all kinds of crazy colors?) and things like towel racks and other hardware.  Thankfully we were able to keep the tub/shower in its original location from before the renovation, so our major purchases were a new vanity and the faucets--both pretty fun to pick out, I must admit.

Faucets can be crazy expensive, and unfortunately the style I ended up loving isn't usually on the budget end of the spectrum.  But with a little digging I was able to come up with something for us.  What we wanted was this vintage, Victorian or Roman style (I've seen it referred to as both?) faucets, with tall, arched necks and graceful lines.  They come in all sorts of finishes, of course, but we decided on either chrome or nickel for our bathroom.

With a little digging, I found this faucet on Home Depot's website (they don't carry them in-store) and was thrilled-- but just before checkout it notified me that they are backordered and won't be available for another month.  With our timeline, that's just not possible, so back to square one.

And then we found this one, which we loved even more, on Overstock.  Granted, it was a bit more expensive, but we both loved it enough to splurge a little, especially since we'll be using them every day.

Photos of the finished product are (hopefully) just a week away!!



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