Friday, August 29, 2014

Designer Splurge: Ann Sacks Tile

Over the years when flipping through home design magazines, I usually don't too close attention to brand names of high end products, simply because I know we're not at the point in life to be using more custom and expensive designer products.  And that's ok-- whatever sized budget I'm working with, I always find it helpful to get inspiration from the gorgeous, sky's-the-limit decor choices you find in the glossy layouts in magazines.  But over time I kept recognizing the same designer name popping up in the credits for the most beautiful tile installed in these stunning kitchens and bathrooms.  Jady and I have learned the basics of tiling and finished our bathroom floor here and here and the guest bathroom, too, using classic, simple tile available in bulk at Home Depot.  It's clean and lovely and affordable.  

But the tile that Ann Sacks designs is in another category entirely.  Her mosaics create the most mesmerizing swirls and geometric patterns, and she incorporates gorgeous combinations of marble, glass and porcelain tile into her designs.


via Cococozy

I fell in love with this luminescent, large scale lattice pattern created out of marble and glass tiles.  If I only had an enormous master bathroom, this would be perfect!!

As special as these mosaic designs are, the company knows it-- and charges you appropriately:)  We're talking well beyond the range of anything at Home Depot here!  But thankfully, Ann Sacks does carry several lower priced tile options that still capture some of the special feel of her more coveted mosaics.  These glass tile patterns are all under $50, and a few are as affordable as $15 per square foot-- a helpful entry point for those of us who are fans on a budget:)

Seriously glam up a space with gold Arabesque tile.

Just in case I needed more inspiration, there was a fully installed bathroom to view at the NYC store.  Yes, please.



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  1. oh wow, i had never come across these before. the low(er) budget glass tiles are fantastic!


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