Thursday, July 11, 2013

Chairs on my mind....

We have known for a couple of months we would be moving just a few blocks to Tracy House. Since, that time I have been pinning, searching the web, and flipping through magazines to find just the "right" chairs for our dinning room. Early on we decided to go for the farmer's table at Restoration Hardware when they were having a fabulous sale, and at that time I was not settled on any chairs. So, we bought the table thinking we would find the perfect chairs soon enough. 

Since our home is so classic I thought it maybe fun to go for something more modern. I have ALWAYS loved these chairs from Blu Dot. 
I also thought of spray painting metal folding chairs. I love the look. 

via halstorm23.blogspot

When I presented these fun ideas to the Rev. he definitely had an opinion. He suggested Parisian cafe chairs, something a little relaxed, yet elegant. So, the bargain hunt began. I looked at the cafe chairs at Restoration Hardware, but knew they were out of our price range, at 100 bucks a chair. Jake and I went to Ikea, too. We found something with the look for less, but found they were not well made. We have so much company and need chairs that will with stand the traffic. 

So, once again, I checked Restoration Hardware to just see if they had a 4th of July sale. Happily we found a great deal. The distressed cafe chairs were on sale at 79.00 each, and on top of that you took 20% off each chair-- total score!!!!

I ordered them on the 4th of July, and they arrived yesterday!!!
They are so good looking and I am very pleased with our purchase.  There are many good friends and family who will sit in these new chairs. 

Mil Besos,


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