Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Getting Organized in the Kitchen

When we first started moving a few things into the house and living in the middle of a construction zone, we made do with the bare minimum in the kitchen until the major renovations were finished.  Once the dust had settled, we brought in the boxes and shoved everything in any empty cabinet-- not exactly the best way to organize anything.  For a while we functioned with it, in a sort of every man for himself, I-think-I-saw-that-once-but-have-no-idea-where-it-is-now kind of way.  Think of every cabinet as a junk drawer, and you'll get the idea:)  Gradually I started reorganizing a few sections at a time to promote general sanity, and I pretty soon realized that for the big under counter spaces I would need a little help.

Of course my first thought was how what we really need are some of those customized cabinetry options you find in high end kitchens, with slide out spice racks and drawers for everything-- huge ones for dishes and pots, wide ones for flatware and utensils... But one of the big ways we saved money on our own kitchen renovation was to keep the cabinets we had, so starting over so I can have new drawers just ain't gonna happen.

After doing a bit of online research into organizers that you can install inside your cabinets, I ordered these heavy duty wire drawers, which fit perfectly in the space we needed.  

So now instead of a sad pile of who-knows-what, we can actually see what's in there and (gasp) get to it!  Can you tell I'm happy with these new drawers?  




  1. Liza - hope you are doing well.
    Love these. Need these. Did you feel like you lost a bunch of room in each cabinet? Worth it because of the organization? Just thinking... xoxo

    1. Hey Jeannie! That's a great question, and I did worry about losing storage space by adding these shelves. You definitely do lose some-- for instance, there is now a space in between my two wire units about 3 or 4 inches wide where nothing can go. But as long as you can find a set of drawers with close enough measurements to your cabinet to utilize as much space as possible, I'd say it's totally worth it. I just never could use the space we had very efficiently, since everything had to be stacked into piles-- and everything in the back corners was totally forgotten about:) So I'd say go for it!... xo


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