Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The internet is ON!!

Hello and happy Tuesday!!! I am so relieved to have internet again. Whenever you make a move the two most important details are internet connection and having a well dressed bed. These details are a must if your going to keep your sanity amongst the piles of boxes everywhere. 

I am so excited to share all our new details from The Tracy House.  First things first, we finally moved in last Tuesday after our Monday movers quit the job upon arrival, no es bueno!!! Once we finally arrived with all our belongs (75 boxes),  my mother & father hit the boxes. I kid you not, within 72 hours the boxes were empty, broken down and tossed out.  I have the best parents!!! To top it off after they unpacked us they packed up with S & H to head to AZ while we get settled. The Luna way is the only way to move with a family. 

Since the kiddos are away I have been busy tackling a few projects around here. Once our belongings were put away we could begin to assess which rooms needed a bit of a lift. The guest room is such a clean space and definitely on the minimal side, so I thought to take our side tables, which I picked up in the country last year at 2 for 15.00, could be just the project to lift the space. So together with Nia, 6 cans of spray paint, and some sunshine the job was done. 

Remember when you're spray painting furniture, be sure to wipe down the surface, so not to paint in any dust bunnies. After a wipe down, we sprayed in a consistent pattern for a smooth and even look. I selected Rusteolin 2x in one, primer and glossy white. I love the result!

When we tackled the legs we simply twisted the legs off.  I decided to leave the legs on while we painted the side tables white, so they would be primed before we painted the metallic gold.  Remember lefty lossey, righty tighty!!! 

I love the result! I will be adding some hardware to the drawers, so stay tuned for the result!!

It feels good to be back! 

Mil Besos,


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