Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Making the Big Move

This week has been busy around here, to put it mildly.  We managed to pack everything up in time for the movers to come and haul everything over to our new place, and now we are neck deep in boxes and happily settling into our new apartment.  Moving is always such a huge transition, even if it's just a few blocks down the street like it is for us this time, and we're excited about starting this next chapter here in this space.

We have enjoyed many wonderful years in our old apartment, so saying packing up was definitely bittersweet.  Goodbye Pierce House!

Hello Tracy House! (all of these old buildings have names, apparently:)) I am loving the black french doors that open up into our new living room.

Here's the dining room, with the newly installed huge brass chandelier I found for a great deal.  Now we'll be on the hunt for some dining room furniture...

We love this apartment's beautifully restored staircase leading up to the bedrooms.

Picking paint colors is always intimidating, but I am SO happy with how this French blue-gray turned out in our main hallway.  I love how all of the light from the huge windows in here plays off of the walls, keeping the space bright even with a slightly darker color.

Here is the entrance to the kids' room-- first things first in any move: set up the dollhouse:)

The kids are loving the den already!  This great space, covered in built in shelves (major score) will be our library and TV room.

I'll be posting lots of photos of our newest adventure!



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