Thursday, July 4, 2013

Picking a Trim

In our bedroom a while back I threw together a bedskirt as quickly as humanly possible to hide the stacks of under bed storage bins full of off season clothes, but in the back of my mind I knew I wanted to go back later and add some decorative tape.  I'm thinking the right trim would help integrate the green-gray of the bedskirt in with the rest of the room and give the whole thing a more finished, custom feel.   (For some reason I can't get the real color of the fabric to show through right in photos, and here it looks much darker and honestly uglier than it does in person.  I promise! :))

I would also love to make my own pelmets for the windows in this room and use the same trim.  I love how crisp and handsome pelmets look, and what a fun DIY project?  That's definitely on my to do list.

Now I just have to track down just the right trim... 

I automatically love anything in Robin's egg blue! Since we have an overall blue-green feel in this room I think it would work with the dust ruffle.  And it's cheap-- always a plus:)

This pretty tape would tie in the red dresser in our room perfectly.

I love the scrollwork on this trim, but the color may be just too similar to the main fabric.  I'm thinking we need some contrast.  Still, it's tempting.

Check out what I think might be my current frontrunner.  Even if not for this project, this guy is going somewhere in our house.  I love that little bit of lavender!  

Any suggestions?  



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  1. Pretty! I think you need to do a post about, what different things you can do with quilts, duvets, blankets, coverlets, and those lovely embroidered sheets that go OVER the blanket (but is not the fitted/flat sheet).


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