Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Supper: Part UNO

My kids and I have been cooking up meals together practically since they were born. Preparing meals together is our afternoon activity, and I can honestly say is well worth the effort. I love a family meal that involves all of US, and the ninos do too. 

Like any good meal, we begin the experience at the table. Last night our family shared a meal with our dearest friends here in NYC, our neighbors. S was more then excited to host our friends and happily set the table on her own.


A few weeks ago a friend asked how I was beginning to teach the kids how to set the table and if we made the process fun. I immediately recommended paper placemats. Anthropologie, Paper Presentation, and Paper Source sell printed placemats with the plates, knives, and forks. I have found these placemats to be the best method for little ones, and lets be honest, if I had no Southern friends I would be lost when it comes to setting the table properly, so if you're like me, they are great for grown-ups too. 

In mi casa, if you're setting the table you can use the china of your choosing, i.e. Christmas china etc…. That includes napkin color & condition choice, i.e…. very wrinkled napkins (kids' choice).

Unless we are having dinner for 200+ we are going to be using cloth napkins. I find using cloth napkins so easy to do and you always feel so much more civilized with a folded napkin in hand.

In the day and age of dishwashers, I find it more appealing to use real silver wear instead of plastic for all meals. My mother always took the time to use silver wear for her meals, and, whether its stainless or sterling, I find the meal more enjoyable when you have a steady knife & fork.
 * As a side note, I will say wooden forks & knives are fabulous to use on the go; they are sturdy & good looking. 

I have found setting the table prepares us as a family for our time together. Some have asked is it worth all the effort with a toddler who sits at the table for 15 minutes and the short answer is YES.  A little effort goes a long way, and my hope is, our time together is a pleasure! 

* As a side, we have our fair share of messy meals, but when you hit it right, you are glad you came together & the messy meals are just a blur.  

Come back Tuesday to see what we cooked up for the ninos. 
HINT: Sophia made the entire dish on her own. 

Stay Cozy!



  1. We have a dinner party next week. I need a Sophia! The paper placemats are such a great idea. My parents gave me a copy of this when I wasn't much older than your S. I still pull it out for setting the table:) http://www.amazon.com/Tiffanys-Manners-Teenagers-Walter-Hoving/dp/0394828771

  2. I need a copy!! I love the paper placemats they are so cute and perfect for little ones.


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