Monday, March 24, 2014

New Discount Rug Source

We just drove home after spending several fun days with friends in Birmingham, AL and had the best time together on our little road trip.  I'm not a huge fan of long drives-- it doesn't take long before I'm getting restless and bored-- but these days we're so busy that six hours in the car just the two of us actually feels almost like a luxury.  Now that Jady has been called to be the next Rector of our church we have lots to talk about, and it's pretty wonderful to get to think and dream long term about the church and our lives here.  

Before we hit the road last week, I squeezed about a million errands into my last day at home (it's always like that when I'm getting ready to go out of town!), including a stop by my new favorite discount store, Tuesday Morning.  Now I know TM is totally old news and has been around for ages, and I remember shopping there once or twice years ago myself, so I'm not saying it's truly new.  But after more than five years in Europe without places like Tuesday Morning, Home Goods and Marshall's, I'm especially appreciative of these discount stores and the awesome deals you can find there, if you have the time to look.

Lately I have rediscovered Tuesday Morning as my new favorite source for high quality sheets and bed linens, and this week I stopped back in to hunt for an area rug for Lindsay's bedroom.  She has nearly finished settling into her cute apartment, and the final major purchase we've been planning is a new rug to soften the space and cut down on noise for the tenant below her.  TM had a decent selection of styles available up to as large as about 8'x9' and at great prices.  I think the most expensive one I saw was $299!

Here's the one we picked out for Lindsay-- a 7'x9' for $99:

And a couple of other steals for $70-99:

The checkout ladies at my local Tuesday Morning told me that every store carries different inventory, so I'm off to check out the others to see what other steals I can find.

Happy hunting!



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