Thursday, June 26, 2014

Deal of the Day: French Cane Bed

We live in a section of town that's quaint and bustling and offers several fun places within walking distance.  Mostly we take advantage of the restaurants, coffee shop and the local hardware store within a few blocks, but one of my favorite spots is a second hand shop just down the street from our house.  The woman who runs it couldn't be friendlier, and she's always displaying newly acquired items on the front sidewalk, tempting me as I'm trying to get home without stopping in:)  

Yesterday a newly arrived French cane twin bed sitting out front caught my eye, so I decided to take a closer look.  It's lovely in person, with a great faded creamy finish (definitely shabby chic), petite but not too feminine lines and pretty details.  And the caning looks like it's in perfect condition.  

If I didn't already have my own French style twin headboard without a match, I'd buy this guy in a second!  But if you're in the Louisville area, check out the Crescent Hill Trading Company, and for $120 make off with a deal. 

Or there's always this... 



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  1. After researching cane beds for many months, I found one that checks all of the boxes. I wanted to share this with your audience as anyone looking for a french cane bed or headboard should consider this one. The company is The London Factory, here is the link:


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