Tuesday, August 12, 2014


The Rev. and I are away for a little vaca up in the Hudson River Valley. If you don't know of the area, it is a must!!! We are feeling very relaxed and my "to do list," has been IGNORED. Now that we are heading into week two of vacation, it is time to do a little work, so when September hits I will be prepared.
 A little work a day keeps the CRA CRA away. 

While we have been away, our meals have been exceptional. We are living our "Farm to Table" dream.  Each morning we head down the mountain pick up an espresso and then to Story Farms for produce, eggs, and cheese. 

In addition to the wonderful food, wild flowers are growing everywhere. Next week on my to-do list is to stake out my favorite local floral farms in the Woodstock area. I can't wait!

Now, I will let you in on a little secreto: if you are planning on making your way up the Hudson, my numero UNO favorite place to eat is....

Miss Lucy's Kitchen 

We are spoiled in NYC with all the wonderful food options, so when we decided to spend a month of our summer in the Hudson River Valley, we knew we had to find a go-to restaurant. We are on vacation, after all, and who wants to wash dishes every night?

via Miss Lucy's

The reason the food is so wonderful has to do with the farm sourcing the restaurant uses. Remember my mention of Story Farm? Well, they are their farm source, yum!

via Miss Lucy's

via Miss Lucy's

Miss Lucy's is located in Saugerties, NY and if you are looking for a place to stay, the restaurant offers rentals as well. 
Seems like a lovely get-away! 

Happy Summering!


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