Friday, March 16, 2012


Spring cleaning is alive and well at Los Smiths. Last week while the Rev. was away I turned the house upside down, and I usually accomplish a lot because I make his return my deadline.  Jake left on Tuesday, then returned Friday, and here is what I accomplished......

I found three pieces of inspiration and worked from there. 
I wanted to incorporate Henry's name with a old line of Martha Stewart alphabet cards I had been saving. So, I glued each letter onto tiffany blue ribbon and used mini clothes hangers to clip each letter. 
Henry's room has oranges, blues, and yellows. I saw this graphic design for $5.95 at Paper Presentation. I thought the color was perfect, and he loves elephants-- win win.  I simply used permananent double stick side tape to adhere to my foam board I had in the closet. Btw, if you need to buy foam board, it is inexpensive, and Paper Presentation sells each piece at $7.95. 
The Rev. brought this framed piece home. They are images of St. George woven on a tapestry.  I found it to be perfect for a boy's room, especially a room that is probably two hundred years old.



I like the clean look of the letters with the framed tapestry. Henry was pulling his pictures down from his cork board during nap time. I love the cross, our friend Francis Bailey (400 Sq. Ft.blogspot) gave him from Peru.


Being that our building is two hundred years old, you have a mix of wonderful details, such as molding, tiffany windows etc... You also have an apartment with interesting changes, like a old doorway where our desk is placed. This space has always been challenging to decorate. 
The changes to the room are subtle, yet meet my desire to have a more organized room, recycle items collecting dust, and pack a little punch in color. It is amazing to see what you can do with the things you have in your closet. What reinventions do you have up your sleeve? 

Happy Weekending!!!


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