Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentines Day Ideas

Hi All, with Valentine's Day just one week away we are in full swing prepping for our annual tea part. Remember this post. Each year Jake and I host a little tea party for our sweeties.  Thankfully Liza is kind enough to gift Sophia beautiful tea cups throughout the year and we are able to have a very fancy teatime.  

A week ago I was visiting Liza in KY and while I was there I made two, well three trips to Target. I could honestly go there everyday and find some I NEED. I actually think I save money by living in NYC because there are no Targets within walking distance. 


S & H love playing games and as soon as I say this 5.00 BINGO I knew it was for them.

I also found this lovely patterned tissue paper. I just love all the bark patterns out there and hey you can not beat the price, 58 cents is a steal.

One drink we will not do without is pink lemonade. There is nothing more fun then pink lemonade in a fancy pink glass. I picked up these dainty glasses at Anthropologie.

Each year I have so much fun dressing up the table for Valentine's Day. Last summer I picked up these oil cloth table covers. I love the patterns and they are so easy to clean, you just wipe them down, they truly are NO fuss.

Come back next week for our table setting reveal.

Besos in Pink!



  1. I remember picking up the oil cloth with you last summer. Sounds like a fun tea party! we need to do one up here sometime.


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