Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Staying Warm, but Still Looking Hot

Christmas is just around the corner, and here in Austria it has gotten COLD.  I know the winter temperatures are nothing compared to Canada's inhumane lows or Scandinavia's long dark months, but still, every year we face the problem of how to dress practically without just giving up on some sense of style.  It's not easy though, and when I'm layering on my tights, pants and multiple socks and sweaters even before the outerwear, it's gets easy to want to just pick the warmest, frumpiest outfit I've got to beat the cold.  

I love the look of a tailored wool winter coat, and I know some of them can be really warm, but I've found that the very best option for staying cozy in really chilly weather is the down jacket.  Infinitely lighter than their wool alternatives, down jackets are perfect for everyday, and if you find the right one, even for the evening.  The trick is to avoid the shapeless versions that make you look like the Michelin Man!  Here are some ideas, all of which are under $250:

Soia & Kyo black down jacket from Bluefly

Ellie Tahari hooded pillow collar down coat from Macy's (this photo isn't good quality, but the coat is super cute and comes in three colors!)

Down jacket from Ralph Lauren

If you want to make more of an investment in your winter wardrobe, check out these next few options.  These coats might just break the bank, but they will keep you warm and looking amazing.

Long black down coat from Burberry

Waxed cotton down jacket from Rick Owens

Cropped down jacket by Moncler

Long down A-line quilted trench coat by Burberry

I love, love, love this ruffled peplum fur collar down jacket by Valentino!

Stay warm!


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  1. Burberry really has a hold on functional beauty, love it all!!


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